Ways To Save Money On A Bathroom Makeover

There are certain places in the house which are pretty much personal and those spaces need not be some dark gloomy room. A bathroom is one those areas of the house which gives a personal space for an individual hence needs to be carved with care along with giving proper time. But we would not want to end up creating something which is out of the budget and also does not look the way we wanted to or planned.

Choose the contractor wisely:  Remodeling the bathroom is a rather complex activity but if done with proper planning and coordination then it can turn out to be fun as well as seem easy. One can save a lot of time, energy and money if you find the right contractor to get this task completed. But the question arises how do we know whether the choice made is right or wrong. Firstly, when it comes to quotation or estimates, try and get the quotes from multiple contractors and also when you sit to compare the prices, you understand how they differ keeping in mind the quality work perspective. Before you look for the right contractor check out for the scope of work, product quality which would be used for installation, other materials to be used and their quality, the warranty which would be provided on the products, and the prior job experience of the contractors. Don’t just go for someone who has the lowest quote, rather question, clear the doubts and then select the best contractor along with reasonable budget which fits your bill.

Bathroom Makeover

Plan Wisely: One of the common mistakes done by a homemaker is they do not understand the crucial basics such as what are the existing materials in the bathroom such as concrete walls. Flooring tiles, cavity space, any existing plumbing work and the electrical wiring. When you look to alter the wall, ceiling, sunken fixtures then it would take in a lot of money and time. Think, if this is really required. Consider certain things such as position of the doors, skylight, plumbing work, cavity space in the walls and ceiling. All of this would need one shell money hence think if these are really required to be changed.

Choose quality products: Poor choices can lead to huge problems in the future. Bathroom is that area of the house which undergoes a daily beating, hence it would pay the homemaker if poor choices are made in terms of products. Buy wisely. Depending on the space of the bathroom, make a choice of going in for bath tub or a shower. Going for either of them then consider the shapes and sizes of these items. Consider mainly the needs and the preference of the user.

Flooring: There are a range of options available for when it comes to flooring such as vinyl, wooden, bamboo to tile, concrete, marble and many more. Before choosing the material for flooring keep in mind the durability, functionality, slip resistance as well as maintenance post the usage. There is constant change in temperature in the bathroom which can create a havoc to flooring which are wooden or laminated flooring. The excellent choice in such cases are the porcelain tiles.

Sinks and Cabinets: There are two main types of sink, one which rests on a pedestal or some type of furniture and the other which hangs from the wall. When the bathroom size is smaller wherein there is less space for storage you can go in for pedestal or wall hung sinks since it would give an illusion of space. Choose the material and type of sink wisely. One of the great choice of sink is to go in for a double bowl solid surface vanity top having no drip edges. Cabinets should be clearly dependent again on the space available in the bathroom, the last thing you would want is too much clutter leaving no space for proper movement. Ensure that the cabinet is proportionate in both width and depth compared to the rest of the room. The doors of the cabinet should swing freely and also the height is comfortable for the user. You can also go in for shelves or make a DIY cabinet at home itself using some old wooden drawer and getting it repainted.

Adequate Ventilation: What would be the use of the remodeled bathroom if there is improper ventilation. Poor ventilation can lead to build-up of mold and mildew. This would again lead to getting them cleared and if it doesn’t then it would lead to bringing in some specialist to evaluate and test them before performing the mold remediation. Hence install an exhaust fan so that the temperature is evenly maintained leaving no room for moisture inside the bathroom after every use.

Keep Plumbing work as it is: Using the existing piping or plumbing work would save you a great deal of money. Relocating the other items in the bathroom are no big task but the plumbing work would come out to be the major as well as costliest one if you plan to go ahead with changing the piping in the bathroom.

Don’t let money go down in the toilet: When you consider to remodel the bathroom one can also think about replacing the toilet seat and the lid. This can be done instead of changing the entire unit of the porcelain perch. Just changing the lid and seat would itself give a new and fresh look to the bathroom instead of purchasing an entire unit which would be too costly. This would also save you on the plumbing installation fees.

Save on the Tiles: The bathroom need not have tiles everywhere or tile till the ceiling. Consider certain other alternatives such as bead board, wood panels or high end looking tile replacements. Wood would require additional maintenance but it totally gives a comforting touch than the tile.

Add an element of adequate lighting: Adding lots of light to the bathroom is certainly a good idea and a good investment in itself. For this you need not splurge in too much money, search for some good lighting at home décor store and go in for good deals. If the bathroom has an easy roof access, then consider the possibility of bringing in the natural light as well.

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