Tips for Planning a Quick and Inexpensive Bathroom Renovation

Are you looking out for renovating your bathroom but the mention of money scares you to bits. Figuring out to remodel the bathroom along with managing the financials is no longer a stressful job. One can easily handle it, if certain things are kept in mind and followed as a rule of thumb.

Planning is a must – Planning is the most crucial stage. It goes without saying that anything if not planned well may either turn out to be superb or it would be a disaster. Who would want to take such chances when it comes to renovating anything, for that matter even a bathroom. There would be certain hurdles or delays during the renovation part but everyone would need to ensure that the delay should not happen from their end. Hence before you visit the contractor have a rough layout in your mind. With the world going so smart, there are so many options laid out. Do some planning on where you would want to have the basin, what color or pattern the tiles should look, what should be the design of the basin or the taps and the list is endless. Remember there is always room for improvement in planning as and when you meet more people to discuss this but firstly the individual who is looking out to renovate should have certain things planned in his mind so as to avoid last minute hustle or running around here and there. To save those extra bucks as well as energy you can work with a designer who can give you good ideas on where budget cut can be done and what all would be required.

Bathroom Renovation

Think from long term perspective: With the changes in time, there are so many trends which have come and gone and many of them look so appealing. There would be cases wherein an individual would be obsessed with a certain pattern of the tile or the certain way the tap should look and so on but it is always wise to avoid too many trends since it can happen that after a couple of years they can look so dated and when you plan to sell your house it may cause as a hindrance. Hence one should try and keep the design timeless so as to protect the resale value of the house.

Check out for rates from various contractors: Individuals who are on a budget when it comes to renovation should always ensure to get the quotes from more than one contractor. By doing so, you could get an average estimate about the total cost of the renovation and also there would be some room for negotiation. This would help you to save a lot of money rather than just going with whatever the first contractor has to say.

Think! What needs to remain and what can be remodeled: For those renovations which are done on a tight budget, it is always good to determine which places or areas in the bathroom need remodeling and which of the areas can be kept as it is. Even the minute work done in remodeling should be worth the investment. If one thinks that the tiles are good, then you can play around with the lighting wherein you can add some good modern looking bulbs or some lamps.

Keep the plumbing intact: Unless there is a major need for plumbing work, one can go along with the existing plumbing work since most of the money would be spent in getting the plumbing work done correctly. When it comes to relocating certain sections of the bathroom such as moving the bath tub or some other utilities then it would not cost you much as when you plan for changing he plumbing fixtures.

Don’t let the money go down the drain: When it comes to remodeling the toilet section, just look to replacing the toilet seat and the lid instead of going in for the whole porcelain perch. When just the above two things are changed, it would give the toilet a fresh look without the need for purchasing an entire new unit thus saving on the cost.

Co-ordinate and limit the accessories: When you look to remodeling the bathroom, always match the accessories. Do not bring too many items in the bathroom, keep it simple but give it a designer look. When it comes to flooring, always choose something which is durable and resistant to moisture such as vinyl wood planks for someone who loves wooden accessories. Instead of stone slabs one can go in for tiles which are pretty much cheap as well as have varied patterns and shapes. If you are one of those tile lovers, then go in for small tiles instead of the larger ones since they become difficult to cut and can also lead to improper drainage. You can also go in for handheld sprayer to be maintained near the bath tub if you have a tub. This would make the task of rinsing pretty much easy and at the same time maintaining the tub as well.

Power of shelves: One can also add in pullout shelves instead of going in for deep cabinets so that you ensure to only store in the necessities and perfect order and also which can be found when you need them. Prepping up such cabinet interiors with such sliding surfaces avoids the digging around in the dark and also keeps you away from purchasing items which are already present in the bathroom. If not the shelf, go in for utilizing any drawers in the house which are currently not being used. Back up these drawers with some pretty paper cutting and drill them to the wall. Clean the drawer and make it look new with a fresh paint. Voila, your old drawer is now re-purposed and used as shelf in the bathroom. Saves lot of money and at the same time you can reuse old items rather than simply throwing them away.

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Tanner Milton
August 19, 2017 at 8:23 pm

If at first it seems you can’t do everything you want for as cheap as you want to, don’t be too quick to change your plans . If you just keep your eyes open and more importantly, get out of the car and ask for it, there are plenty of cheap, inexpensive , and free resources available.

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