The Importance of Detecting Plumbing Leaks

It has been one of the basic thing to say that leaks in the plumbing should be detected as early as possible because later on nobody would like to deal with the mess which is accompanied with such leaky plumbing issues. The breakage of pipes, the cost associated with repairing as well as fixing not only the pipe but the other damage it brings along with it. However most importantly one should understand the symptoms regarding the plumbing leakage. There are few indicators which one should make a note of that can probably tell you that there is a water leakage somewhere in the house. Some of the signs are common and can get easily detected whereas others you may not be too aware about.


  • When there is a leakage one may experience a gradual increase in the water bill.
  • There would be a different kind of stench at the leakage place or one may notice signs of mold or mildew being formed in those areas which are mostly hard to reach.
  • There can be bubbles formed on the paint or wallpaper which is one of the obvious signs that something is not right and there is water seeping through or trying to from the other side.
  • In homes which have a flat roof, one may notice that the ceilings can start to sag off or warp when there is water being accumulated at a particular area for a long period of time.
  • There can also be sagging of flooring or cracks on it too. The smell in that area can be musty or earthy which would be difficult to get rid of.
  • There can be formation of damp patches in the yard or around the areas of the home which tends to appear wet.

Leaks are very much dangerous if not noticed on time. They can bring along with them a wide range of problems which becomes a big task for the homeowners, few which are seen and few which are not. Also it tends to affect more than just the home.

Leakage brings about health problems: Ignore leaks are known to cause a significant amount of health risks which can increase in frequency as well as the severity. Which means that the longer the leak is not treated and thus remains undetected it can lead to more trouble on the health as well. Mold is known to be one of the leading causes of allergies in most of the individuals thus leading to a start of new allergic symptoms in addition to increasing the existing symptoms as well. If an individual inhales any certain kind of molds then it can be fatal for the person which can also lead to death. There can be symptoms such as headaches, having trouble in breathing and dizziness. One of the huge factor to be considered for the leaks are bacteria. They grow optimally in almost all of the places and if there is a leak then it acts as a perfect host for the growth of the bacteria and also it gives them a chance to enter the homes through the pipes and into the water supply leading to contamination of the water supply and causing a host of health related problems.

Leakage brings about home damage: Leaks and molds tend to cause great damage to dry and beautiful walls. Once the mold starts to grow on dry walls then the only thing would be to get it replaced entirely. This in turn would lead to a major cause for renovations to the impacted site which is often costly mostly if it is a structural damage. Also one can say that larger the amount of water which has been associated with leak the more important it becomes to carry out the repair work as soon as possible. However, in case of flooding or too much of water would be that there is too much of a mess to be cleaned up and one would need to start all over from scratch. Flooding is said to cause damage to both the home as well as everything inside it whether it is structural or personal belongings. In certain cases, the damage is so huge that the house is treated as unsuitable for stay and one would need to rebuild it entirely or get it renovated properly.

One can detect leak through naked eyes and in certain cases professionals would be required. It is always better to address such issues on time and get it repaired as early as possible to avoid the situation of flooding. One of the key to prevention would be to ensure that the systems through which the water comes in and goes out are thoroughly serviced on periodic basis thus keeping an eye out for anything unusual.

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