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Demolition – The demolition results in the bathroom being stripped back to a
skeleton with the vision to rebuild.

Plumbing – Relocation of fixtures can enhance your bathroom and maximise the space.

Electrical – Light on the appropriate areas brings out the warmth in a bathroom.

Carpentry – Rebuilding commences at carpentry stage.

Plastering –Re-lining walls of your bathroom straight and level gives us a sound base to tile apon.

Water Proofing – We only use Marpei products.

Tiling- Tiles include large and medium format tiles, mosaics and natural stone.

Painting – and much more…

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Bathroom is more than just a room for each one of us since we all start as well as end our day in the bathroom. It is a room that allows us to feel refresh, relax and at the same time helps us to flush out the worries and toxins from our mind and body. Hence it becomes a must to get a different feel for the bathroom. We at Integral Bathrooms, provide our clients with a host of services that would help to cater all their needs with excellent craftsmanship. We are here to transform those ideas into reality and change the look of your bathroom, whether it is the contemporary style, modern look, traditional look or any other style you have in mind. We make it happen real for you.

Listed below are services we offer our clients.


For those who are looking out for a completely new bathroom, then there would be a process of demolition wherein skillfully we would tear off all the walls, floor and other items in the bathroom for rebuilding another one as you have dreamt of. Care would be taken to not cause much damage to the existing plumbing work and the drain vents present inside the wall of the bathroom as well as those large fixtures.


We at Integral understand that the proper bathroom functioning is based on gravity and water hence we also carry out plumbing work wherein we would determine how to place the bathroom plumbing fixtures for enhancing the overall look of the bathroom as well as keeping in mind the space.

Electrical Lighting:

For creating that perfect feeling in the bathroom we would suggest for a mix of bathroom lights. We would provide for the best quality lighting ideas so that it would help you in every moment and create that perfect look which you have been looking for. It would freshen up the room and provide that warmth.

Tiling work:

We suggest for unique pattern and color of tiles as per the bathroom you are looking out for. You can choose in from ceramic tile, porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles, or glass tiles.


Whether you are looking out for any storage essential or any chair in the “bathroombased on the space. We are here to guide you and provide the best carpentry work for the bathroom.


Since the bathroom area is exposed to water hence it becomes a must to waterproof the floors. We only make use of Marpei products for waterproofing the bathroom.


As per your bathroom style and space, you can choose in from a number of color options and we would get the desired paint you are looking for.


We provide for the best quality plastering materials so that your bathroom does not have to face any harshness and it stays the same for years to come.

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