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Bathrooms have a tendency to break down more than any other room in an owners residence. The inspection of each and every bathroom must be orchestrated with specific standards of practice that direct the inspector to investigate, evaluate and disclose conditions observed at the time of inspection. In this review, Integral Bathrooms follow stringent pathways in accordance with the Building Code and Plumbing Industry Commission

Certain standards and tolerances are notable within a bathroom however

Ventilating the room :Ensure adequate air flow to avoid moisture forming and creating excess mould in the most obvious places and also the most unobvious places

Inferior lighting : Natural light and powered light are important for numerous reasons including safety and as we know mould loves and grows in dark places

Loose fixtures and fittings: Prevention of inferior plumbing is important to eliminate water leaks that can cause structural damage not to mention sewage leaks when in hailed can lead to hepatitis or infection

Application of inferior tiling products: non slip tiles in shower bases. Inappropriate workmanship that can lead to cosmetic eye sores

Low water pressure: We must ensure water pressure is regulated not high or not too low. Incorrect pressures can lead to flick fixers exploding or not functioning at all.

Incorrect fixture installations that can cause safety issues,

Inappropriate selection of floor and wall tiles: Camber , Tile thickness, Glaze, Incorrect Formats installed in the wrong areas, Porosity, these are just a few tiling hints to look out for when selecting tiles and should be well noted that correct selection generally leads to a great result.

Pooling of water ininsitu shower bases. Usually due to incorrect fall lines or inappropriate tile selection.

Movement in existing substrate floor that causes tiles to crack. All of which should comply with the Building Code of Australia.

Mould on incorrect caulking material.

Insufficient or inappropriate bedding material under shower bases,

Limescale builds up on tapware,

Blocked drainage pipes,

Leaky taps,

These are just some factors that end in a bad building result and an unsatisfied customer,.

Usually if a customer engages a licensed trade person these bad results are more than likely avoided. Bathroom Contractors from Integral Bathrooms can deliver all requirements to avoid an unsatisfied customer.

Integral bathrooms offer precise evaluation and reporting based on 30years experience within the building industry credited with plumbing licensing, building certification and 25 years in tiling installation.

For professional bathroom inspections and detailed reports call us on 0422170872

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