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When it comes to adding that extra gleam to the house, one would love to for detailing work and something very much unique to make it look different yet useful. There is always a lookout for carrying out something unique in the everyday items, it can be pertaining to anything such as cabinet styles, tiles, fitting and fixtures, hardware and many more.

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The sinks are something which is mostly overlooked by many of them, usually one would go for the standard one since it is hardly looked upon. But the reality is something different because today there are various unique options available in the market to make that dull looking skin much better. Let’s have a look at the various sink styles and their pros and cons.

Pedestal Sink:

Pedestal sinks had been around for quite some time but then its popularity started fading away gradually. But they say, what goes around, comes around. Gradually pedestals were out of fashion, but today the scenario is different. These pedestal sinks are again gaining popularity and are found in most of the houses.

Pedestals seem to suit most of the bathroom types over the other styles. They work well where there is limited space in the bathroom. It provides the bathroom with an open and airy look as opposed to the bulky look which is provided by vanity style cabinet sinks.

The drawback of pedestals is there are no counters or space for storage. Couple of the pedestal sinks offer limited space at counter. Most of the pedestals have flat surface hence it becomes difficult to set anything on them.

Pros & Cons Bathroom Sink Styles

Console Sinks:

The console sinks are pretty much similar to pedestal sinks but the only difference being they offer a built-in-storage. The good part about console sinks are they offer more space at counter top and also there is a room available underneath to place a basket. It is one of the easy way to add storage as well as texture to the bathroom without it taking any additional space at floor.

Console sinks are either freestanding where in they can either be mounted to a wall or supported on four or two legs. These legs of the console sink can be just simple steel tubes or it can be decorative posts. The good part of the console sinks is if the legs are wide enough then it can also accommodate a person in it. This extra width is known to allow for some space on either side of the basin for storing any toiletries items.

With some other designs one can also add towel bars at the sides of the sink. Even though the extra width is an advantage however it can also make the sink look too huge especially in case of small bathrooms. PVS or ABS drainpipes are not something which can be used since the plumbing is more exposed. If the console sink is wall mounted, then one would need to install blocking.

Vessel Sink:

These type of sinks is mostly placed atop the vanity and are basically exposed from all the sides. It is for those individuals who want to add a style statement to their bathroom. They allow for a lot of cabinet storage. The good part about this sink is that it is pretty much easier to install but the edges are often exposed hence it is more prone to cracks.

Since the vessel sinks sit atop a vanity hence there should be a tall person using the sink or select the one which is just few inches tall. The material of vessel sink made from other material apart from china ones are very costly. The vessel sink may need to be complimented with a vanity storage pretty much less than its usual height.

Drop in sinks:

The drop in sinks are also referred to as self-rimming sinks. They fit inside a hole which is cut in the counter top. These sinks are very much in use. The drop in sinks are easy for maintenance and also fit well into the custom made cabinets.  The rim of the sink rests on the edge of the hole and is very much secured to the counter top with the help of a sealant which his waterproof such as silicone caulk.

The cutout which is in the corner does not need to be finished, they can stay rough since it would be covered by the sink and hence it won’t be seen. Another advantage is that the vanity cabinets act as a perfect hideout for the water supplies and the drainage pipe. However, one the disadvantage part of these sinks, the rim makes it pretty much difficult to wipe out the water from the counter on into the sink.

Undermount sink:

Very much similar to drop-in sinks but in case of undermount sink it is attached from the below to the counter hence the edges of the counter should be properly finished instead of leaving them rough.

They have a sleeker appearance and also with no rim in the way one can wipe out the water from the counter directly on into the sink. But the disadvantage of these sinks are unless one removes the vanity top one would not be able to install an undermount sink.

Wall mount sink:

These particular type of sinks is said to be attached to the wall as the name suggests and underneath they are open. Some of them also refer to it as semi-pedestal sinks and they come along with shrouds that may cover the plumbing all its way up to the wall.

The advantages of this kind of sink is that most of the units can fit into even smaller or tiny spaces. This wall mount sink is one of its type that does not take up any of the floor space. Also the open space that is below the wall mount sink would mostly provide for an easy access of wheelchair.

It also has few of the disadvantages such as, similar to the pedestal sink you may also need to get an installation done at the blocking in the wall. Another disadvantage is that this sin does not provide for any storage space for storing your toiletries.

Integral sinks:

The integral sink is known to be of one piece having the surrounding counter and this sink can also be made up from different variety of materials as per the owner’s choice or preference. The installation of this sink is quite simple compared to the other sinks since the countertop as well as the sink would be installed all at the same time.

It is mostly a one-piece construction wherein there are no crevices for any dirt, hair or any debris being captured in it. However, it also comes along with some of the disadvantages and those consist of, in case if an individual want to replace the sink then it is a big task since that would mean replacement of the countertop as a whole and vice versa.

Another disadvantage is that there would not opportunity for the owner when it comes to matching the sink and the countertop from the creativity point of view.

Trough Sinks:

These types of sinks are quite underrated when it comes to selection of a sink in the bathroom. The reason is because these sinks are known to be the perfect solution for getting the double best bathroom faucets brand without even taking too much of bathroom space. Most of the owners want to go in for the double vanity in their bathroom but the problem is that they do not have enough of square footage or space for getting that accommodated.

If you go in for the trough sinks, then you can think of fitting in two faucets and also there is no need to find room for two faucet sinks. Also another important feature of these trough sinks is that they are very much sleek in appearance thereby making them an easier option when it comes to cleaning.

Semi-recessed sink:

For those who have space shortage in their bathroom but would still want to have that vanity cabinet just underneath the sink for the purpose of storage can go in for the semi-recessed option. Few of the advantages would include, since the design of the sink is such that it would also allow for even a shallower cabinet which can be as much as 12 inches.

This in turn would help in freeing up the space in the bathroom and make it look less cluttered. However, this sink comes with its own set of disadvantages and those are, having no countertop around the front portion of the sink for catching the water there can be spills and splashes occurring around the sink making it look messier. Also the storage space that is provided is also limited.

Semi-recessed sink

Apart from the style and design of the sink, there are varied kind of materials which can be used for preparing the sink. But the question arises as to which one would suit your bathroom. Below are few of them you can go through and then judge accordingly.

The porcelain or the vitreous china is known to be one of the popular option of sink that is mostly used worldwide across. The reason being these ones are very much easy to clean and maintenance point of view, and also these materials do no develop mold easily.

Even though it is termed as popular, the porcelain material sink is something which may not be able to bear vigorous amount of pressure hence there are chances that it can get chipped or it can develop cracks quite easily when something falls on it. This material is also considered to be one of the most fragile kind of material that may be used for making the fixtures of the bathroom.

Another one are sinks that are made up from tempered glass which are also said to be looking good and sleep enough but again they also cannot bear the weight or the pressure similar to the ceramic sinks. The tempered glass sink may get shattered quickly into pieces thereby leading to serious kind of damage to the bathroom or it can also hurt the individual using it.

But due to its classy yet chic looks these kind of sinks tend to attract the eyes of the homeowner. The acrylic material sinks are something which are popularly known in certain parts of the world and the reason is due to their light weight structure as well as the sink being available in varied shapes and styles.

But the downside is that those sinks would not be able to bear any kind heat hence it may turn out to be risky when it comes to their usage especially for those individuals who have a habit of leaving their straightening machine or iron on the sink itself after they have styled their hair.

With a lot of new trends and the needs of the society even the basic structure of the bathroom has undergone a lot of change which can be termed as a drastic change. We all have come across or seen everything from the basic enclosure to those luxurious looking lavish kind of bathrooms. The bathroom sinks are termed as one of the essential portion of the bathroom functionality.

Today with so many designs and styles available, an individual has a lot of variety to choose from. There are various styles of the bathroom sink that are available in the market along with varied preferences and choices based on the usage of the person. We have all gone through them in detail above hence now you can compare each and then accordingly get the one which suits your bathroom.

Before you go in for any of the above mentioned sinks, consider various factor such as space in the bathroom, and its usage since some of the sinks would need a countertop such as vessel sinks hence they may take in additional space and some of the shades of the sink may look different even though they are of the same color.

For those who do not have enough of time to clean their bathroom should go in for easy maintenance sink and also ensure to secure your sink with proper and sturdy countertops so that the weight can be distributed properly without leading to any kind of damage to the bathroom essentials. For those who are habitual users of heating products should be ensuring that the sink and countertop are heat resistant.

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