How to Decorate Your Bathroom & Layouts in 11 Steps

For those individuals who are bored and tired of walking into the same old dated bathroom and are dreaming of adding some excitement or change in the bathroom then think about some interesting decorating ideas to make the bathroom and the layout look more interesting.

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We all would agree that bathrooms tend to pose significant amount of challenges when it comes to the decorating piece. It is mostly a smaller space and designed for functional purposes. In simple terms we can say is that bathrooms have to be squeeze in a lot of function into a small space. Hence it makes it all the more challenging when it comes to the aspect of decorating the bathroom.

 Decorate Your Bathroom

This space is that room which every member in the house uses hence it should be something that is pleasant, as well as stylish. But the work of decorating the bathroom can feel like a load in certain cases. Due to the various functions that are carried out in the bathroom it would mostly call in for the non-traditional method of decorating.

Hence there becomes a need for putting across certain principles and strategies before one moves ahead with the work of layout and decorating the bathroom. The idea should be make it look less cluttered and at the same time add to the grace of it. One should be storing in items just for the sake of it even when there is no use for it. Below are few points wherein one can make the bathroom look stylish and at the same time relaxing enough.



One of the most important remodelling that can be carried out in the bathroom would be playing around with the lighting. In one of the study it was found out that lighting which are paired along with the right kind of colour is said to have a positive impact on the mood of the individual. It is not a difficult task or an expensive thing to get the lighting of the bathroom changed but changing it can surely make the room look much fresher as well as larger.

The older variety of lighting fixtures as well as the fluorescent lighting are known to cast an unattractive shadow as well as to add colour to the hues on the skin. In case if it is not possible to change the fixture then think about upgrading the bulb and going in for some new kind of fluorescent bulbs which are very much similar in colour and also provide warmth.

Once the lighting of the bathroom has been upgraded then think about the next things which can more decorative value to the look of the bathroom. Most of the time the electrical parts are best left to the professionals to carry out but for minor changes you can go in for DIYs as well. Always be original when you are upgrading the lighting. Few of the bathroom lighting trends would include making use of hanging pendants or the light bars that would diffuse the light in the room. You can go in for the LED fixtures since they save in a lot of energy and also do not heat the bathroom.


It is important to paint the walls with the perfect shade that you have selected and which goes well with the overall look of the bathroom. It would no longer be required for choosing those gloss in the bathroom for combating moisture. Instead you can check in the paint shop for adding an additive to matte paint so as to keep it from mildewing. Do not just paint the walls for the sake of it instead make use of the semi-gloss paints and also paint the cabinets too to make up for the overall bathroom look.

Work art in the bathroom:

Work art in the bathroom

Now you do not need to stare that the blank wall in the bathroom. There are a lot of options available in the market or online which can adore your plain and boring looking walls in the bathroom. The treated canvas print is said to be affordable as well as water resistant. You can go in for the oversized proportions to get that best visual impact.

For getting that unique look on the wall you can also have the printer to get some favourite customised wall art. There are custom printers available that can create the perfect canvas prints and those can be laminated well for water resistance. Think creative and think beyond a canvas print as well. You can also have a wall gallery of your favourite objects such as baskets or any other things for decorating and making the wall look more attractive.

Look for maximising the storage:

Look for maximising the storage

By decluttering the bathroom it would provide for a fresh overall look. But for those who have limitations of the space and are thinking on how can they improve the storage space then think about some creative ideas of making use of the limited space and also making the bathroom look bigger.

Think about adding some pull-out drawers which would sort the items easier into a cabinet would turn out to be an easy upgrade. There are standard sizes of the pull out drawers are mostly available in the market or available online. Few of the other methods for maximising the storage space would include, the use of floating wall shelves, wall mounted baskets or adding a small cabinet in furniture style.


The bathroom should always look updated. It also provides and adds personality to the home. Few of the bathroom ideas that would add in some finishing touches to the bathroom would include, making use of a waste basket or a bathroom soap dish or soap pump, adding certain elements such as scented candle or a room diffuser which would add in some nice scent to the overall room.

Also you can place a nice silk floral or if possible a live plant in the room mostly when there is natural sun light available in the room. Orchids are known to be a popular choice as a bathroom plant and they also love the humidity present in the bathroom.

Basically there are so many bathroom styles made available today that one can say that anything would go but we should think that underneath those designs or styles there are certain universal design principles which would further help in pointing out the way to success so that the end layout and the decoration of the bathroom would not look like a mess.

Avoid cramming too many things in it:

Avoid cramming too many things in it

Bathrooms are said to be often those space wherein we squeeze in a lot of stuff without any second thoughts and still people would desire for twin basin, a separate bath tub, and so on. When there is genuinely enough of space in the bathroom only then one can think about getting that separate bath or a shower to make the place look more elegant. What is the point of cramming it up all in a room that has hardly any place for movement.

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Always remember that the user who is making use of the bathroom would need space for standing and carrying out their activities, drying themselves properly and also turning around hence there should be ample amount of space as well. Bathrooms are places wherein one can find calmness as well as relaxation When they are chocked up with unnecessary sanitary ware then the same place may no longer seem relaxing especially during rush hours.

Get ample amount of storage:

Get ample amount of storage

The designing of the layout and then getting in the decorating part should be done by first thinking of exactly what all would be required to be stored. Some of the items can be best found in the mirror cabinet whereas few of them can be found in drawers and few others in the cupboard. You should be firstly considering on how do you want to storage solutions to look like and accordingly make it work as part of the layout or the entire interiors of the bathroom.

Plan out for the details as well:

Plan out for the details as well

When it comes to bathroom just thinking about the items from above would not do the job. Attention to details is a must. Bathrooms that have the most expensive and stylish fittings and fixtures or the ones which have an elegant sanitary ware would end up looking too grotty as well as rambling when the owner has not paid attention to details or the minute things were not carefully considered before the completion of the work.

One of the common example being that of a shower glass screen which is placed up against either side of the vanity unit. This can look great from one of the angle but the question arises as to what do you exactly see of the side of the unit via the glass. Will there be accumulation of dirt which may later become impossible to remove.

There is another issue that commonly occurs in most of the bathroom is that where the tiling is just stopped halfway up through the wall thus leaving a horizontal kind of ridge that would later on become place for the dirt to be collected hence need for timely cleaning would become must else it can spoil the entire show of the bathroom. In such cases there would be need for either tiling up the entire wall or you can set the face of the tiling flush such that it is with the face of the wall just above by adding up an additional layer of the plasterboard above those line

Explore out those open plan:

Explore out those open plan

This may not be the case for everyone but in most of the instances the chance of going in for the semi open-plan or the complete open-plan in between the bedroom and the en-suite is now-a-days becoming a trend or a popular concept. When we talk about the benefits then it is mostly related to the saving of the space as well as the daylight.

But again this is not something that would work for all of them. Hence it is upto the individual or the members who would be using this space and how comfortable they are with this concept. You can also add in a sliding screen wherein one can adjust the level of privacy or a division in between both the world.

Have that one champion of the room:

Have that one champion of the room

Most of the bathrooms today want to play it safe with the concept of white and cream but for those who would want to turn their boring little space more exciting then there would be a need to think out of the box and look out for that hero or a champion. It may turn out to be difficult for balancing in getting things right

. A great method to make it more fun and interesting and even without going overboard would be to select a hero that would be suitable for the scale of the room which it occupies. This hero can just be that one single wall of the bathroom which has some decorative looking tiles, some key jazzed up color which can be a raspberry pink or some unique one or it can also be a feature bath. Just that one thing in that bathroom can turn your boring looking bathroom into an interesting one.

Allow in for some natural lighting:

Allow in for some natural lighting

Daylight can turn out to be one of the most wonderful magnifier of the space and also it is becoming extremely important in case of smaller bathrooms. The most intense form of daylight is known to be coming from above hence the roof glazing would be very often a great way for flooding the room with lots of daylight and you can save the walls for carrying out other things such as sanitary ware and other fixtures.

Also having bath along with some lovely view would turn out to be an attractive looking concept for most of them. Hence put on your thinking caps and see what wonders you can do to your little own space.

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