How to Choose Tile for a Small Bathroom?

When one thinks about remodeling the bathroom, each and every part of the room has to be thought in details so that later on is there is no regret that it should have been done this way and not the other way. When it comes to small bathrooms, there is a question about tiles. What should be the design, how they should be laid and what color it should be so that it makes the bathroom look bigger and also neat. Tiles are always one of the best bets for smaller bathrooms. When it is laid out correctly it provides a good impact. Tiles provide basically a waterproof barrier against the significant amount of water which gets accumulated in the bathroom. There are endless possibilities of tiles which one can select from, the basic idea is to have the knowledge of mix and matching various sizes, styles, materials and shapes to get that perfect look in the bathroom.

Diagonal tiles work their magic: The diagonal placement of tiles work their magic for smaller bathrooms. It provides a feel that the bathroom is larger than it actually is. One of the reason for this trick is that if a tile is laid in 90-degree angle then it can be easy to count even if one is not actually doing so however when those same tiles are placed diagonally the eyes are unable to pick out or quantify so quickly. Also tiles placed diagonally add spark and vibrancy to the small bathroom. However, the only downside of this technique which even architects avoid are the issue concerning the diagonal placement and cutting. At times it becomes difficult to cut it. If you are not the one satisfied with the diagonal option, then think about laying the tiles in brick bond format. This has been considered as one of the popular choice when it comes to metro tiles however ensure to limit the grid pattern

Tile for a Small Bathroom

Go in for lighter colors: This is one of the basic rule of remodeling. Light colors tend to open up the room whereas dark colors are known to make it look smaller and box it. Have you ever wondered why the ceilings are painted white or anything light? The main reason for this is because it does not make it look like the end. The room looks wider with light colors. This does not mean that one should go in for white flooring, you can go in for any light shade which suits with the other color combination of the rooms. You can trick the sub-conscious mind by using glossy light colored tiles. It would enhance the space of the bathroom by the reflection of light thus providing a sense of it being grand.

Large Tiles: When we talk about large tiles it does not mean the one which are used in larger bathrooms, there are certain large sizes which are available for smaller bathrooms as well. If you use the smaller tiles, then it would only add up to the problem. If there are lots of smaller tiles in the bathroom than in the future years one would end up having a lot of grout work to be carried out. You can look for mixing options of different size in the different areas of the bathroom. When it comes to the majority of the bathroom area then go in for large format tiles.

Selection of the tile material: There are a variety of options available for material of the tile. Marble, slate, granite, limestone and many more. It is often confusing whether to go in for porcelain tile or ceramic tile since they are the ones which are pretty much affordable and it also has a wide scope in case of finishes. When it comes to smaller bathroom which has the bathing facilities, selection of porcelain tiles would ensure that there is low water rate absorption. Slate has been also considered to be a great option for bathrooms since they are low in porosity and has a riven texture. It is also non-slippery whereas the marble ones and limestone can be polished well to provide a high shine when it comes to a stunning finish but it requires to be sealed properly. For smaller areas the mosaic, glass or ceramic also look great. They can be used to be placed behind the basin.

Number of tiles: It is important to measure as well as calculate the number of tiles which would be required before you go to purchase the desired one. You can also use the help of online tile calculator for making life easier. Whenever you purchase the tiles ensure to add on an additional 10 percent so that it can be used in case of any breakage, waste, cutting. It is better than last minute rushing around to find the tiles out.

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