Brunswick Bathroom Renovations

Integral Bathroom Renovations are presently accommodating services around Brunswick

Bathroom renovations are extremely highly detailed projects and importantly should be carried out by licenced builder.

Here at Integral bathrooms we are proud of our 28 years of experience based around bathroom building works. We cover all trades inside the bathroom industry. We help design and create to gain the best mileage and utilize the bathroom space in the best possible way. Re-location our fixtures, straight swapping of fixtures, precise location of accessories, tile selection to suit balance and texture are just some of the design details that enhance and create a beautiful balanced bathroom.

Our Brunswick Bathroom Contractors take upmost pride in all our trades to ensure the end result is above code.

We ae equipped with all tools of the trade geared up with the latest technology

Integral bathroom renovation Brunswick also carries out bathroom inspections, supplying detailed reports on inferior bathroom works, pre sale inspections and general costings.

Bathroom Contractors are all in house based and fully trained in all aspects of bathroom building works. Our contractors are finely tuned in precise lay outs and deliver an end result of every customers expectation.

Together with our elite suppliers we can provide a visually smart classy bathroom ranging from basic bathrooms to high end bathrooms. Basic bathroom remodeling can quite frankly look a million dollars if tile selection and layout is thought through properly. Basic bathrooms can easily add value to your home and create a classy image on presentation to others. High end bathrooms can definitely create a huge monetary value to your home not to mention the ambience and general warmth generated in your home.

Our emphasis is on the delivery of high quality products and services, and the ability to complete and oversee all trade work necessary. Our quality control is second to none and with this belief in hand our customers have full faith and trust whist in their homes.

Integral Bathroom Renovations Brunswick are currently fully equipped with all tools of trade including plumbing, carpentry, tiling, plastering and painting Outside of the fundamental building structure of bathrooms, Integral Bathroom Renovations will provide advice of relocation of plumbing fixtures, existing walls and natural light. Follow up of customer satisfaction post job stage, full guarantee and warranty on service and products.

All building works insured and guaranteed through Master Builders Minor Works Contract.

All plumbing works insured through the Victorian Plumbing Commission.

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