Bathroom Inspection : Pre – Purchase Bathroom Inspection report

Buying a property is a big decision that requires a lot of ground work.

Once you have found a property and are satisfied it meets your needs, obtaining some professional advice on the potential problems and required repairs will help you make your final decision to purchase the property.

A well maintained bathroom that requires little or no maintenance will often sway a buyer towards one property over another. It’s important to know what to look for. Is the bathroom as good as it appears? A tired, outdated bathroom negatively detracts from your property value.

Purchasing A Property:

Integral bathrooms can look for the issues that will require repairs and give you estimates on costs. This is essential information that can help you negotiate your purchase price or set your budget for Auction. When you know what work is required and how much it will cost, you can compare properties and plan your purchase.

Selling Property:

Now is the time to fix those small maintenance problems that can be unsightly or turn away potential buyers. Spending some money now will not only help you sell the property but potentially increase its value. A bathroom makeover will give buyers that immediate sense that there is one less job for them to do.

Integral Bathrooms can do a bathroom inspection for you, detailing what repairs and maintenance need attention, quote on the work and do a pre-sale make over that will be well worth the investment.

The bathroom inspection is always a very detailed and careful inspection area due to the fact that there is heavy water use in the bathroom. Water is the enemy and given enough time, uncontrolled water can destroy anything. To give the owner a an better understanding as to the degree and thoroughness of a Certified Plus  Integral Bathroom Renovations will give a complete outline as to how and what will be inspected with our bathroom inspection. When there is serious damage in a home, more times than not, its water damage. As mentioned earlier, uncontrolled water is the enemy. With this in mind, the home inspectors will look very carefully for water damage in the bathrooms. The following is the actual procedure that is used inspecting a bathroom: A typical bathroom inspection will consider the condition of the bathroom focusing on such items as;

Dampness and mould

Cistern flushing

Hot water service

Water pressure

Pipe conditions and rusting

Wall tile and floor tile issues.

Water drainage and pooling

Air ventilation (window conditions and fans)


Safety and building code requirements

Pest control evaluation

Gas leaks

A report can then be submitted to you so a priority of tasks can be considered for quotes.

The purpose of a pre sale inspection is to document the condition of your property and to identify any problems that may need fixing before the property is placed on the market for sale.  The pre sale inspection can is carried out in a diligent manner and if any problems are found during the inspection, you as the owner of the home can decide if you want to fix the problems before selling your home or not.  Alternatively, you can choose to list your home at a slightly lower price that you otherwise would have.

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