Bathroom Ideas: Bathroom Trades and 8 Tips

A bathroom is a room of personal hygiene. It is a room where individuals create visual character. Construction of a bathroom is based around millimetre perfect design techniques with the scope to move freely within your bathroom. Visual effects, colour and layout are important considerations along with colour and practicality. Bathroom Contractors from Integral Bathrooms boast 27 years in the building industry has enabled our team to be diligent expert craftsmen.

Preparation workis the primary stage to a perfect result. Clean and straight structures are imperative and labour intensive with a symmetrical outcome. Demolition could also involve the removal of asbestos.

Plumbing is generally cost affective if fixtures and fittings remain in the same position however moving fixtures and fittings can enable customers to stay in touch with trends and designs. Drainage installation varies in price from sub floor slab installations to sub floor brick pier or stump installation. Tapware is huge eye catching visual. Tapware availability ranges in flick mixers, 2 piece tapware, ceramic quarter two 2 piece. All tapware can be purchased in a variety of finishes varying from chrome, black, chrome, polished bronze,

Electrical can enhance your bathroom with white light and continuous air flow preventing mould build up. Under floor heating is another an option.

Carpentry is the backbone to a solid foundation. Seasoning of timber with superior selection helps with the installation process. All construction is in conjunction within Australian standards and the building code of Australia.

Plastering   is generally optimised by the supply of aqua check or villa board pending on tile formats and heights. Masonry walls can also be finished in a natural oke or synthetic render lined with approved clear sealant. Square set corners or cornice is another option. Acoustic insulation is always an advantage in adjacent walls.

Waterproofing becomes a deterrent and prevention incurred by water damage. Caulking is also implemented which creates sharps lines and prevents water damage.

Tiling is the visual effect that enhances emotion within a bathroom. When shopping for tiles customers should be aware of floor or wall tiles in particular base finish, glazed edge, camber and size. The country in which they are manufactured should also be attentive, buyer beware. Always purchase samples to test within your bathroom.

Shower Screens are generally fully framed, semi framed, frameless or single panels. (no door) All glass approved via Australian standards.

Mirror and Accessories should be in proportion and of sturdy manufacturing finish. Chrome electroplating, black finishes, bronzing and gold are just a few finishes to mention

Cabinets and joinery becomes the owners’ choice in colour and design. A Range of timbers, veneers and natural stone are readily available

Painting Class A finish with anti mould inhibiter additive which prevents mould residue building up.

Interior design ideas are essential to a good bathroom.

Vanity view

Why open to a view of the toilet suite:

Often bathrooms are layed out with the toilet on display. Set your bathroom up with a view of the vanity and give the toilet some privacy. If you have enough space you can make the vanity a real feature



These days, more than ever, bathrooms need a lot of storage. The best place to store toiletries is the shaving cabinet – because they are at eye level. Shaving cabinets are also quite shallow so you don’t stuff at the back. Try creating a storage wall that runs the whole length of the bathroom, and if you can have a lower mirrored cabinet for the kids.


Avoid foggy mirrors, mould and damp:

Bathrooms are ‘wet areas’. All ‘wet areas’ need ventilation and natural cross ventilation is the best. If you don’t have access to good ventilation, consider a ventilated skylight or roof window. Ideally windows should be able to stay open 24/7 without letting in rain, insects or burglars. Even if you have good ventilation always use a exhaust when showering and make sure the suction is adequate for the length of ducting.

Light your face, not the mirror

You don’t want to be blinded by the light in the mirror:

Lighting the mirror instead of the face is a common mistake. The best lighting is wall mounted above or beside the mirror and provides diffuse light to the face. Avoid ceiling mounted recessed downlights as they often cause shadows under the eyes.

Easy clean

Some useful pointers to an easy clean bathroom:

Try a wall hung toilet pan or a flush to wall suite to avoid having to clean all the little gaps. Try using large wall tile to minimise the grout or, where the tiles allow, consider tight grout joints (1 – 1.5mm). Try not having a benchtop, just a basin so items aren’t left lying around and there are less surfaces to clean.

Natural light

So much lighter, brighter and cheaper because it’s free:

Simply put – light, bright bathrooms are warmer and more inviting. Where you can’t get good natural light, try using uplights to bounce light off the ceilings and walls – daylight corrected globes help too.

Non slip shower

Showers can feel great underfoot and be safer too:

Think mosaic tiles, chips of tumbled marble or pepples. These sorts of floors allow you to get really good falls to the drain and can be a lot safer. With all the extra grout, make sure you seal them twice as much as recommended with a penetrating sealer to avoid discolouration.

Mirrored wall

A well placed mirror can almost double the feeling of space:

The best mirrored walls run wall to wall without visible fixings so that they mirror the space almost perfectly. Make sure mirrors are well sealed on the back to avoid deterioration around the edges.

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