10 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Bathroom Remodeling

It is so easy to become excited about a simple bathroom makeover or remodeling. But reviving any part of the home requires a lot of care and time. Thoughtful planning accompanied by focus on the main areas which need the remodeling are of utmost importance. Below mentioned are few of the common mistakes which one should avoid to make the process of renovation an easy and fun task rather than a grilling encounter.

Bathroom Remodeling


Spending more than the budget: This is something probably everyone who has undertaken the task of renovation would have experienced. What starts as a minor remodeling turns out to be a major job and we end up spending more than what was decided prior to starting the work. When it comes to the bathroom, first plan what are the areas of the bathroom which needs an immediate remodeling. Accordingly, you can plan how much money should be spent on each of those aspects. Try and avoid going in for too much of custom making items. Try and keep the fittings and fixtures as minimal design as possible.

Use the contractor wisely: Remodeling a bathroom is not a menial task, it is a unique specialty in itself and when you just go in for any contractor without wisely thinking the pros and cons, then no matter how much you have planned or have prepared the budget things may not turn out to be the way you have wanted. Hence try and reach out to multiple contractors, get their rates and check out few of their work before you finalize an appropriate one. Now-a-days there are specialty contractors who mostly undertake bathroom related work and they have an idea of diagnosing the problem areas and getting those fixed quickly without the need for you to put in too much of effort and energy at a very reasonable cost.

Improper ventilation: The last thing one would want to see in the bathroom are the mold coming up on the newly painted walls or ceiling. This happens due to improper ventilation. An exhaust fan is a must in the bathroom even though there are windows fitted well in the bathroom. The exhaust fan would pull out or extract all the steam from the bathroom which is usually left behind post a hot shower.

Overcrowding the bathroom: Squeezing too much in a room can lead to chaos and would make the room look untidy. It becomes a big task when you plan to clean the bathroom in the future. With too much items squeezed in, cleaning each nook and corner of the bathroom would seem like a gigantic task hence it can be left out which in turn would lead to unwanted smell, buildup of dust or mold in such corners of the bathroom. Keep the bathroom less cluttered and maximize the space as much as possible. Keep only those items which are essential in a bathroom, unwanted items should be avoided.

Poor use of Lights: A good lighting brings life to the room, so what if it is a bathroom. Many of the activities carried out in the bathroom should require proper and good lighting. Activities such as waxing, shaving, shower, makeup and so on are difficult to be carried out in dim lit room. Hence try to place good lighting at the appropriate corners or ceiling of the bathroom so that the bathroom should not look dull. Now-a-days there are so many options available on lighting which are cheap as well as look good, try out those options.

Fault in the drainage: Proper drainage facility is also the key to a good bathroom remodeling. You would not want someone to fall in the bathroom to realize this mistake. Hence try to maintain the floor in a slope such that the water flows towards the floor waste efficiently and there is no water clogging or accumulation of water on the floor. While using floor tiles, try and avoid the large format floor tiles since they make this process difficult and you would realize this mistake once the work is completed.

Not enough room for storage: Just as any other room in the house where a storage space is required, similar it is for bathroom as well. One would need proper storage compartments to keep all the toiletries such as shower items, face wash, cosmetics, hair dryers, shavers, towels and so on.  Rather than the doors, go in for vanity drawers which would help to save in a lot of space. Go in for towel rails wherein one can hang more than on towel at a time and the bonus point is they will remain dry always. You can go in for cabinets which are available in various sizes.

Purchasing substandard quality products: Fixtures and faucets which look cheap eventually turn out to leak and they can start to wear off within just few months of fixing them and thus would need constant adjustments to make them intact. When you purchase new faucets or shower components always go in for the ones with highest finish quality. Some components may look fancy but eventually they would be difficult to fix and also wear off soon.

Mismatching components are a disaster: There have been so many bathrooms which have enough of space, have the best tiles but when it comes to sink, toilet and shower or bath tub the matching goes all wrong and ultimately the remodeling turns out to be a disaster. Some look ugly and do not feel right at all. Hence one should always ensure to match the tub, sink and the toilet. Compare certain samples before you go in for the final purchase.

Inexpensive or no sealing at all: If there are ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tile installed in the bathroom then the grout lines must be sealed properly. Grouts which are not sealed properly can get dirty easily and also become breeding ground for mold. The sealant corners should not be cut. Go in for good quality sealant.

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