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Toilet Remodeling Tips : Toilet Talk

I just thought of something interesting. After being a hard core toilet fan for so many years.how do I determine if a toilet is up to standard?

I noticed that different people have different ways of determining whether a toilet is up to standard. Some people are very concerned about cleanliness,while others care whether the toilet is old or new.

In this post,I will share with you my way of rating toilets. What type of toilets do I really fancy?Of course,there is no right or wrong.This is a very subjective matter.You may or may not agree with me.

But if you share the same sentiments,then I think we are in the same boat.

Toilet Remodeling1: Toilet Bowl

To me,this is the most important thing I look for in all toilets that I visit.If the bowl is screwed up,it affects the overall rating of the toilet.How do I rate the bowls?

The very first thing I look for is congruence.If the toilet is old,then the bowl must also be old.No point having an old toilet with a new bowl.The feeling sucks.It is like asking an old man to dress up like a teenager.

The next thing is whether the bowl is squatting or sitting. tend to win more favor as compared to sitting ones.I am a great fan of squatting toilets.

Of course,if I were to rate a sitting toilet very high,then that toilet must be really good.

Next is the brand of the bowl.Is it my favorite brand?If it is,the overall rating of the toilet will also go up.

2: Flushing System

This is another important thing that I look out for. The toilet’s flushing system can affect the flushing sound of the toilet.

If the bowl is a nice brand and the flushing system is screwed up,it can spoil the flushing sound of the toilet bowl.

To me, the high cisterns are the best.They are nice to flush,and they sound the best.There is a climax,and an anti-climax. My favorite cisterns are the Shires Cisterns.In my opinion,they are the best.Nice feel and they are really powerful.

If you love toilets like me,you know what I mean.

The worst flushing systems are those small cisterns with 2 buttons on top. These are the worst. There is always not enough water to flush everything away, and the flushing sound sucks big time. Go try it out and you’ll know what I mean.

I really hate these small cisterns with buttons on top.They spoil the flushing sound.No matter how good the toilet bowl is, this cistern will spoil it all.

The next screwed up ones are the sensor flushes. Although they may be cleaner,but their flushing sound sucks big time. They are slightly better than the small cisterns.

Speaking of the high cisterns,there are also 2 types.One with the straight pipe and the other with the twisted pipe.I like both actually.But let me tell you their differences. The straight pipe is more powerful that the twisted pipe, because the water flows down directly.

The reason why I like the twisted pipe is because it looks nicer and it is more uncommon.

3: Ambience

The ambience of the toilet gives you a feeling of what type of bowls you can expect to see.Of course,in certain cases,the ambience may be good,but the bowls are all new ones.It can be very disappointing.

Those who score well in toilet bowls will usually score well in ambience.

What do I mean by ambience?Ambience refers to the type of floor tiles,walltiles, sinks,the layout and the lighting of the toilet.

Toilets with older ambiences usually score better.I am not really a fan of newly renovated toilets.

New toilets only score well if they were built from scratch.Those which are renovated will usually get a lower score than the original old ones.


There is a saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover. But let me change that a little bit. You can more or less judge a toilet by its exterior.There is a 70% chance of being right,basing on my experience.

The exterior usually gives away the first impression of the toilet.Anice, old exterior may score better than a newly renovated exterior.Unless it is originally new,then the rating is higher.

There are also cases where the exterior can be misleading. You might see an old exterior with new toilets in it. But most of the time,the exterior can give you a rough gauge of what to expect inside.

5: Number Of Cubicles & Layout

The number of cubicles will play an important role if the toilet bowls are my favorite. A toilet will score bonus points if it has a large number of cubicles with my favorite bowls.

An example would be my beloved Jubilee Street Public Toilet in Central, Hong Kong.It has 20 cubicles of squatting Victorys, all with high cisterns.

I really hate those toilets with one cubicle only.Especially those with suckybowls. They are bound to fail, if I come across them.

Layout is also important.I like toilets with interesting layouts.I noticed that the Public Toilets in Hong Kong have very interesting layouts. You can visit all of them and find that they are mostly different.

My favorite layout would be a row of high cisterns toilets side by side.From out side, it looks like a row of soldiers standing tall.The Shires look the best.A row of Black Beauties.

Another aspect of layout is how many different types of toilet bowls are there in the toilet. I have come across toilets with 3 different types of bowls in one single toilet. That was really impressive. Especially when all the different types of bowls are the brands I like.

In December 2002,I stumbled upon this Public Toilet at Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong Island.It had 4 different types of bowl in one toilet. There was the long Squatting Victory(original),pear shaped squatting Victory,pear shaped Armit age Shanks(Singapore style) and lastly squatting American Standard.

I was pleasantly surprised when I went into that toilet. But sad to say,when I visited it again in 2004, it was demolised. The good thing is that I still have some photos of it. You can find it in my earlier posts.

Yet another aspect of layout is how you access the toilet.In a number of public toilets in Hong Kong,you need to climb up the stairs to the 2nd or 3rd floor to access the toilet.For a few rare cases,you need to climb down the stairs as the toilet is underground.

But this is not as important as the number of cubicles and number of types of toilet bowls.

6: Cleanliness

I believe cleanliness is very important to the majority. But for me,it is one of the last criteria.It is no use for a toilet to be clean if the bowl and ambience are both screwed up.

But I would not say it is totally unimportant either. When I went to China,that was when I started to appreciate clean toilets.The toilets there are really terrible.I had to hold my breath when shooting videos.

Cleanliness only becomes important to me if I need to use the toilet. If not,I don’t mind dirty toilets,as long as they meet criteria #1 to #3.

These are the 6 Criteria that I look out for when I visit a toilet.How about you?

Whew, I worked really hard for this toilet.It took me more than an hour to locate this toilet.But I would say that it was really worth my effort.

Cha Kwo Ling Public Toilet cum Bathhouse is located at 90, Cha Kwo Ling Road.The easiest way to reach it is to take the MTR and alight at Yau Tong Station. But for me,I didn’t take the MTR. I walked all the way there from Kwun Tong Ferry.

It took me around an hour to reach there. But to make matters worse,I lost my way.I wasted at least half an hour walking to and fro Cha Kwo Ling Road,trying to locate this toilet.

But looking at its exterior intrigued me.I knew it was going to be something good. The toilet was at the second floor.See the photo below, you need to climb up the stairs located on the left.

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Small Bathroom Remodelling : Bathroom Beginnings

Many people assume that if they are remodelling a small bathroom it will only take a few days, or anyway it will take much less time than a larger one. This is not necessarily the case. Depending on how many items you are changing in the bathroom your contractor will have to go through all the same steps as a larger bathroom. However, planning refers not only to defining the duration of the renovation works but also certain intermediate steps such as ordering and purchasing tiles, fixtures, custom-built vanity or cabinets to make sure they can be delivered when your contractor needs them.  Planning time is also crucial for those with only one bathroom in their house as they will have to make arrangements where to take a shower and use the toilet while the bathroom is taken apart.

Small Bathroom RemodellingAn upscale remodel includes expanding the room an additional 8 square feet into existing space, adding a window, moving fixtures such as the toilet and replacing them with high-end models, a 4-X-6-foot tiled shower with a shower wall, a bidet, stone counter tops in the vanity with two sinks, linen closet, tile floor, lighting, an exhaust fan and other amenities.

A bathroom is a room of personal hygiene. It is a room where individuals create visual character. Construction of a bathroom is based around millimetre perfect design techniques with the scope to move freely within your bathroom. Visual effects, colour and layout are important considerations along with colour and practicality. 27 years in the building industry has enabled our team to be diligent expert craftsmen.

A small budget means there is always a temptation to do some or all of the work yourself to save money, but a DIY bathroom renovation can easily backfire. According to research from Gumtree Australia, 75% of Australian homeowners have commenced DIY projects, with one in five ending poorly. DIY is a HUGE risk. Did you know that Dream Bathroom’s all-inclusive bathroom renovations packages cost about the same as a DIY project so why would you take the risk? Well, here are six big reasons to not DIY:

When you’re ready to start the renovation process, it is important to consider popular trends as well as your own family’s needs. First of all, you should consider how best to use the space you have. Think about what your family needs most, and then determine if that pedestal bathtub or larger vanity is worth the investment. Next, find ways to add more bathroom storage. Adding more cabinets and shelves to such a small space can be tricky, but it is often crucial for storing towels and beauty supplies. Finally, think about the overall feel of the space. With a creative use of materials, even a bathroom can have decorative elements.

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15 Bathroom Points to consider while Renovation

1. Budget

If you don’t know already you should work up an idea of how much you want to spend on your bathroom renovation. Setting a budget will help guide you as you make decisions about what to include in the remodel. Once you’ve figured out what you can spend and substracted the amount allocated to labor, you’ll have a clearer sense of what you can spend on tile, fixtures, and extras.

2. Time

Many people assume that if they are remodeling a small bathroom it will only take a few days, or anyway it will take much less time than a larger one. This is not necessarily the case. Depending on how many items you are changing in the bathroom your contractor will have to go through all the same steps as a larger bathroom. However, planning refers not only to defining the duration of the renovation works but also certain intermediate steps such as ordering and purchasing tiles, fixtures, custom-built vanity or cabinets to make sure they can be delivered when your contractor needs them.  Planning time is also crucial for those with only one bathroom in their house as they will have to make arrangements where to take a shower and use the toilet while the bathroom is taken apart.

3. Works sequence

When it comes to bathroom renovation by completing the job in a specific sequence you can save yourself from a lot of clean up time and mistakes. Whether you are demolishing sheetrock or simply repainting, you always want to start at the top of the room. Remodel your ceiling first, walls second, and floors third so you can prevent damage to your new components.

4. Hidden problems

If you are doing a major upgrade to your bathroom consider doing a “full gut”. When done by a professional with expertise you end up with a zero problems bathroom that will function flawlessly and add tremendous value to your home for many years to come. Depending on the age of your home and how well it was built the biggest hidden problem you may encounter is water damage, so look for structural deficiencies in the floor framing, not properly vented plumbing, old corroded plumbing, non-waterproof tile shower/tub surrounds, etc.

5. Design style and functionality

When first starting out start by thinking about the look you want for your bathroom. There are many factors to consider like paint color, tile choices, vanities, showers, tubs, faucets, etc. It can get overwhelming very quickly so start with some research. You can start to piece together elements that you like into what will become the final design of the bathroom or you may choose a design item you want to feature in the bathroom and then work the rest of the bathroom design around it.

Design should work hand in hand with functionality so consider who will use the bathroom and how, consider an eventual resale of the house and also take a moment to think how the bathroom design will fit in with the rest of the house.

6. Measurements

There are 3 major limitations which really make size matter in bathroom renovation: the overall size of the bathroom (usually the smallest room in the house), the location of existing plumbing pipes and electrical wiring and the typical standard dimensions of bathroom fixtures. Therefore make sure you have the correct measurements and specifications when you go to the store. More frustrating than trying to shop without measurements is to end up purchasing stuff that doesn’t fit.

15 Bathroom Points

7. Contractor

Hiring a contract for a conceivably DIY job? Well, yes, that is a smart thing to do given the complexity of the job and difficult operations involved (electrical, tiling, plumbing, etc.). Therefore do not overlook the advantages of hiring a contractor and save yourself a load of misery and time.

8. Plumbing fixtures and features

No renovation is complete without remodeling or repairing fixtures and features, which could very well make a separate checklist themselves: shower, bathtub, toilet, bidet, sink, faucets and shower heads. You should also update or repair your mirrors and shower doors. You can also change the look of your bathroom very easily by changing out door handles, drawer pulls and the hardware for your shower doors. If you have the budget a new set of shower doors can completely change the look of your room.

9. Cabinets, storage and shelving

Planning cabinets, shelving and storing solutions is a tricky problem in most cases. In small, irregular shaped rooms like the bathroom, it is even more so. They need to be functional and accommodate all your stuff while keeping everything easily reachable, they must fit into the available space and make the most of it and on top of it all, they need to look stylish.

10. Walls and flooring

Virtually any material can be used to surface walls and floors in the bathroom as long as it’s waterproof, either naturally or by means of an impervious finish. Depending on your budget and style, ceramic, marble, and granite tiles make handsome and highly durable flooring and wall surfaces for baths. For flooring additional options may include cement (painted or stained), sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles which are inexpensive and look better than used to. Whatever your choice, always mind another key criteria for choosing your bathroom flooring: durability and slip-resistance.

11. Lighting

A bathroom can be rendered impractical or downright dangerous without adequate lighting so plan for design lighting that is functional and also creates atmosphere. Plan for maximizing natural light first, whereas for artificial light it is advisable you should have least 4 watts of incandescent lighting per square foot.

12. Accessories

Although apparently insignificant in the bigger picture of the overall project, no remodel is complete without new accessories. And surprisingly enough, the small stuff like new towels, wash clothes, soap dishes, mirrors, towel racks, bath mats do add up to the final bill. If you are on a budget, new hand towels will be better than nothing.

13. Ventilation

Ventilation is crucial in a wet room like the bathroom. It is also a tricky task which needs good planning: choosing the right fan, the right position for its installation and dealing with the electrical wiring. Poor ventilation can leave your bathroom damp, mouldy and can even harm your health. A well-ventilated bathroom, however, isn’t just a healthy bathroom. Continual airflow can also prevent both the decay of any wooden trim or fixtures and the saturation of building insulation.

14. Going green

Even if you personally don’t care about going green one way or the other, the market is trending toward this so it’s something to consider. And there are many budget friendly options for adding a green touch to your bathroom: a low flow toilet that uses less water and saves you money in water bills; low-VOC or no-VOC paints; vanities made from sustainably harvested wood; recycled glass tile surface countertops, etc.

15. Final clean

The final clean should include a thorough cleaning of all cabinetry, inside and out, duct work, walls, floor, windows, and light fixtures. Although often overlook in the planning phase, in the case of a major renovation you may want to consider contracting a cleaning service which means additional costs that impact your budget. If you feel up to doing it yourself, you may need to add a day or two to your initial timing.

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Bathroom Renovations : Bath Time

Being able to do a great bathroom remodeling can be a great way for you to be able to enjoy the home much more. Often times many people choose the bathroom first overall to be able to have a remodel done to their home. The reason that many people do this is because the bathroom is often times a place for you to be able to go and be able to relax if it has the right features in it. Having the right tub Jacuzzi or whatever it is within the bathroom can help you enjoy that much more. It’s a place where many of us spend time getting ready for the day and being able to either put on the makeup sour and get dressed but being able to have a well-lighted bathroom and one that is comfortable to be and will help you enjoy the time you spend in there. Bathrooms are also one of the areas in the home that often times it’s worn out the quickest. Because of the amount stuff time they can be spent in there and also the amount of moisture that off in time for the around in the bathroom it can be a important part of renovating the home to be able to start with the bathroom. That’s renovations can help in many aspects in for many features that highlight the home.

bathroom-renovationBecause the bathroom is a place that often times we spent time it does make a difference to be able to start your project in this way. Being able to do bathroom renovations will help you to be able to be inspired for other features and other aspects of the home that you want. The bathroom renovations can help for many reasons and being able to change the way the bathroom works whether it’s for helping out for added features that may be needed like guard rails and things like that getting out of a bathtub or if it’s more for comfort setting in more features into the bathroom all these things help to make the bathroom more enjoyable. Start your project today with the right bathroom renovations and you will be able to make your design come septic become a reality and something that you can really enjoy in the home.

Starting with a great renovation design will help you to be able to take all the features that you were looking for to add to your bathroom. I working with professionals who are experiencing being able to put these designs together will help you to get the right amount of footage put this together to make your bathroom renovation a success and something you can truly enjoy. Is no reason to live with the bathroom that’s causing you trouble or is not working well with you. Start today with the right renovation design and make this dream of a luxurious comfortable bathroom that shows off your personality become a reality. Enjoy using your bathroom because you do use it a lot.

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Bathroom Planning : Bathroom Hints

Here are some points you might want to consider when choosing the right bathroom renovation company:

-Ask them for real referrals and if you can make contact with any of their previous clients. If there is any hesitation here then forget about them. If they don’t have a least one happy client willing to do this then that gives you a good idea of how things are going to go for you.

-Make sure the quotes are very detailed and transparent. There might be hidden costs or they may be using inferior products.

Bathroom Planning

-Consider going with a company that has a physical address and landline. They can’t hide behind a mobile phone if something goes wrong and you know they are committed to staying around for a long time.

-If the salesmen talks himself up too much and tells you to trust him he’s been doing this for so many years blah blah then go with someone else. Their work and recommendations should sell itself. “Never trust someone who says trust me”

-Don’t choose the cheapest quote because it is the cheapest. You will probably get what you paid for, the cheapest job.

-Sometimes getting a company to do everything can be cheaper than doing yourself.

-Find a company that you get a good gut feeling about, then try to put out a deal with them.


It’s the question on everyone’s mind, “how much is my bathroom renovation going to cost?”. Bathroom renovation costs vary greatly depending on many factors. Some questions you might want to first ask yourself before renovating your bathroom are:

“What kind of bathroom do I want?”

“What standard of work am I expecting?”

“What kind of company do I want to do this for me?”

“Am I renovating for myself or to sell?”

“Is my budget realistic for what I am expecting?”

This will give you some idea of what we charge for our quality, all-inclusive bathroom renovations for a small bathroom:

Basic renovation/makeover: $9-$14k

Designer/high end renovation: $14k-$22k

Re-design/new layout: add approx. $1000-$4000

Medium size bathroom: Add $1k-$3k to above prices

Large size bathroom: Add $2k-$4k to above prices

Large size, magazine worthy, award winning bathrooms:$25k –$50k

HIA average bathroom renovation cost for 2013/14: $15,122

  • “The HIA Kitchens and Bathrooms survey found an average value for a new bathroom in 2012/13 of $13,986 compared to an average value for a bathroom renovation of $15,122.”


The end price of your bathroom renovation will ultimately be up to you. We will not compromise on quality fittings and tradesmen so our quote may be slightly higher than other bathroom renovation companies. We can help you to decide where you might want to prioritise  costs and invest in other items. Ultimately, we deliver bathrooms that are exceptional value-for-money with great customer service.

Call us and we’ll come and discuss possible costs and provide you with an obligation free, detailed quote for your bathroom renovation.

Remember, “quality doesn’t cost, it pays”.

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Bathroom Design Tips : Domestic Bathrooms

You want to remodel your bathroom, but you don’t want to break the bank, and that’s a distinct possibility with any home renovation project. Here’s the skinny on how fat your wallet needs to be to do the remodeling job that you want. And once you know what costs what, you can figure out which corners — or countertops — to cut.

Remodeling defines a mid-range remodel as putting in a toilet, tub with a tile surround, an integrated solid-surface double sink and vanity, recessed medicine cabinet, a ceramic tile floor and vinyl wallpaper.

Bathroom Design TipsAn upscale remodel includes expanding the room an additional 8 square feet into existing space, adding a window, moving fixtures such as the toilet and replacing them with high-end models, a 4-X-6-foot tiled shower with a shower wall, a bidet, stone countertops in the vanity with two sinks, linen closet, tile floor, lighting, an exhaust fan and other amenities.

It’s easy to spend $25,000 on a bathroom renovation. If you don’t have that sort of dough, a remodel is all about compromise. Think about what elements in your bathroom you most want to change and what you can live with and without.

Construction Zone

Unless you’re DIYing your renovation, you’ll use a general contractor (GC) or contract out the work yourself. The latter requires some know-how, since you’ll need to get permits, oversee the work, etc. In selecting a GC, get bids and definitely ask for and check references. See how satisfied his or her previous customers are. To save money, you might consider doing the demolition yourself; you can even hold a demolition party to garner help from friends. Also compare buying the materials yourself with the cost of the GC supplying them. You can buy online or at discount stores to save money. The GC gets a deep discount but also tends to mark up prices, so check both options.


Man- or woman-power costs moolah. The people who replace that ghastly popcorn ceiling, install sconces and ceiling lights, plumb the fixtures, or lay the tile will run up the budget. Keep this in mind when laying out your bathroom plan. Moving lights or plumbing or putting in a window will cost more than sticking with the bathroom’s original layout. It doesn’t mean you can’t vary some areas, but pick and choose to avoid sticker shock.


One of the major costs in a remodel is moving fixtures, such as the toilet, sink and tub. If you can keep the same floor plan that you have now, you’ll spend less on plumbing.

Then there’s the cost of the fixtures themselves. If you must have that exquisite glass vessel sink, then pick a standard white no-frills toilet (about $125). Or if you want the Kohler Purist Hatbox toilet ($2,991 and up) then opt for a lower-end sink and tub.

Tile Talk

Tile is another major expense, not only the tile itself but the labor involved in installing it. You can limit the tile to the floor and the tub surround with a drop-in shower stall. If you’re lusting after an iridescent glass tile mosaic, consider using the expensive tiles as accents in a field of more pedestrian porcelain ones. Decide if you want to spend your money on a total-body shower wall or a completely tiled shower. Instead of running tile up the wall, think about beadboard wainscoting for a period look or a cool paint color if your design is more modern.

Countertop Culture

In a kitchen, solid surface or stone countertops can bust your budget because of sheer square footage. In the bath, you can get away with granite or even marble, if you’re smart about it. A single-sink vanity won’t take a lot of stone. If you want two, then pedestal sinks (take your pick of beauties from Kohler, Porcher, American Standard and more from about $140 to $300 each) and a refinished side cabinet or bedside table with a remnant of granite or marble on the top will save you money, give you storage, and have you in step with today’s trend of furniture cabinetry versus built-in.

Plan carefully, set your budget and be creative; you’ll end up with a beautiful bathroom that hasn’t broken your bank account.

As one of the most expensive rooms to renovate, a bathroom can make or break a deal when buying or selling a home. Homeowners are looking for rooms that don’t require a lot of work, which is why a bathroom renovation can make the biggest impact on your resell value. As you get ready to remodel, think about what works for your family, as well as what other homeowners might look for. Today, eclectic double bathroom sinks and walk-in showers are popular, while oversize bathtubs and bathroom storage are also frequently sought after. Determine what you have space for, what materials are worth using, and then find a way to add much-needed storage for beauty supplies and extra towels.

How do I determine my bathroom layout?

As you renovate, keep two things in mind: your family and future buyers. If you’re family doesn’t take many baths, don’t feel the need to include a bathtub; you can use that extra space for a double vanity or large storage cabinet instead. On the other hand, some future buyers might want a tub, so be sure there’s at least one in the house. Walk-in showers are also popular, though they take up space, while bathtub and shower combos are the best of both worlds. If you have a large family, you might want to separate the toilet and shower from the sink so multiple people can get ready at once. In the end, what is practical for your family will probably also be practical for future buyers, so go with what works for you first and foremost.

How can I add more bathroom storage?

Vanities are getting bigger and bigger every year, and for good reason — bathroom storage is in constant demand. Because of this, think about ways that you can add more to your space. An oversized or double vanity is always a good option, while wall-mounted cabinets and medicine cabinets are helpful too. Organization is key to space-saving, so use drawer organizers, trays and bins to keep smaller accessories in check.

What materials should I use in my bathroom?

Because the layout and storage options are pretty standard, picking interesting materials is key for helping your bathroom stand out. Tile offers a wide variety of colors and styles, which makes it a popular flooring choice, while mosaic tiles are common in showers. The grout can be challenging to clean though, so stone or granite might be better shower alternatives. Just like in a kitchen, implementing a fun tile backsplash or countertop color can help liven up an otherwise dull space. And last but not least, don’t forget the hardware! Cabinet pulls, shower heads and faucets come in a variety of finishes, which allows you to add bits and pieces of personality.

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